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    Here's What People Say Their Dating Dealbreakers Are

    Some surprising results from our relationships poll.

    We asked BuzzFeed readers to tell us about their dating dealbreakers. Here are the results of our poll ...


    Most of you are NOT into smokers.


    Over half of you thought dating someone with different political views was NBD.

    And over half of voters were OK with long-distance relationships.

    The majority of you are in it for love, and not money.


    There was a fairly clear agreement on monogamy — it's a must.

    Most of you said having a booze-free S.O. would be just fine.

    And most of you also had no problem with being in a relationship where you liked different types of music.


    When it comes to your S.O. and family, you've all got to get along or else.

    Same goes for your S.O.'s feelings about your friends.


    Voters were nearly split on whether you would date someone who is bisexual.

    By a landslide, you decided astrological matching has nothing to do with your partner.

    Over half of voters took no issue with dietary differences.


    As for age differences, you were clear. Generally, you wouldn't date someone significantly older ...

    Nor would you date someone way younger.

    But you were divided on whether your S.O. needed to be a feminist:

    And finally, you had mixed feelings on marriage. Just over half of you said wanting to get married was a must.


    But either way, you seemed to know what you want.

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