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    Here's The First Footage Of Shanghai Disneyland

    Someone risked sending a drone over the construction site of China's forthcoming Disney park.

    International Disney lovers have eagerly been awaiting news on the launch of the newest Disneyland park in Shanghai, China.

    Ground was broken in 2011, and the park will reportedly open its doors in spring of 2016.

    Fans were given a bit of a glimpse of what's in store during the D23 Expo earlier this year, which featured concept art and models of the park's structures.

    The Shanghai park is an exciting prospect for die-hard Disney fans, as it promises many "firsts" in Disneyland history.

    Some of the more exciting details from the press release: Treasure Cove, a pirate-themed land with a re-imagined "Pirates of the Caribbean" attraction; and a high-speed Tron ride.

    You can read more from the press release here.

    Disney last released some photos of the park's construction in May, and now, we have new drone footage surveying the park.

    If Disneyland in Shanghai is to open in some six months, it looks like they've got their work cut out! Check out the footage below:

    View this video on YouTube

    h/t: Boing Boing

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