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    Here's The 1994 AT&T Cell Phone Wristwatch That Never Happened

    This idea, they promised, "will happen."

    AT&T's "You Will" promised a high-tech future...

    In the '90s, AT&T ran a campaign imagining the future of technology, and some of it was stunningly accurate — iPad-like devices, Skype-ish capabilities, personal GPS devices. One of the ideas, they said, would come would be a "strap-on telephone."

    Here's an ad AT&T ran for the non-existent gadget, stating that AT&T would be "the company that will bring it to you."

    A screenshot from an AT&T'd be so James Bond with that thing!

    Here's one of the "You Will" commercials, featuring this fancy doo-dad:

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    We haven't quite caught on yet...

    Looks like this was one AT&T idea that wouldn't really be a part of our future. At least, not yet. There have been rumors and speculation that Apple is producing an iWatch (which folks think would be more of a wearable computer-y thing). Or perhaps you heard the buzz about a Kickstarter campaign for something called the Pebble, a wrist device that syncs up with your phone's apps/delivers notifications, but doesn't do calls. More recently, there's a Kickstarter for something called the HOT Watch, which would actually let you take calls just by holding your hand to your ear.

    You broke your promise, AT&T!

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