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    Here's How Happy People Really Are

    The results from our recent poll are (happily) surprising.

    We recently asked BuzzFeed readers to tell us about their happiness levels — if they're happy/sad, what makes them happy, etc. Here are the results of our poll!

    1. 50% — HALF — of poll takers said they were indeed HAPPY.

    2. The thing most people said would make them happier? MONEY. Which was followed closely by being in a relationship.

    3. In a tie for what makes people happy on a daily basis — music and their significant other.

    4. Most of poll-takers said they were not on anti-depressants to treat depression.

    5. As for whether people around you seem happy, the results were fairly divided. But most said their peers seemed happy.

    6. Interestingly, most people said 2014 was just "meh" for them.

    7. 50% of people said they expect 2015 to be a terrific year.

    8. The majority of poll-takers said they might not be where they want in life right NOW, but they're hopeful about the future:

    9. And they were divided on this ultimate philosophical question — can we be "truly happy"?