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    Here's A Groovy Look Inside London's Playboy Club In The '60s

    Where Austin Powers and Don Draper collide.

    Here's the entrance to the Playmate Bar in the London Playboy Club.

    So far, this looks exactly like an episode of Mad Men.

    Except for the wives that came along for some Playboy fun as well.

    Carrots and radishes? Is that supposed to be "bunny" food?

    A behind-the-scenes look at the wardrobe department and a Bunny getting a custom fitting.

    At the Playboy Club, there's a groovy, live band whose members wear really cool pants.

    One band member, however, appears to be a creeper.

    But it doesn't matter because everyone's having fun and dancing!

    Check out this newsreel from the '60s...footage of the club itself begins at 1:15.

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