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Here Are The "Clueless" Paper Dolls Of Your Dreams

For everyone whose main thrill in life is a makeover.

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Cher comes with her iconic plaid school outfit plus that red dress by Alaïa — which is, like, a totally important designer.

Charlotte Gomez for BuzzFeed

Sadly, Cher's computerized closet doesn't really work in paper form.

Make new friends with Tai's paper doll, which comes with all the right outfits needed to become Bronson Alcott High's newest it-girl.

Charlotte Gomez for BuzzFeed

Outfits for every situation: After-school, at school, or at a party.

Murray's paper doll is full of swagger — cool labels, the requisite backwards cap, and cell phone/pager accessories.

Charlotte Gomez for BuzzFeed

Make him page Dionne. Then make Dionne refuse to respond :)