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15 Super Pretty Hanukkah Nail Art Designs

There are eight days, but you got 10 nails!

1. Hebrew school skillz.

2. I love latkes. I also love your mani.

3. Whoa...these Star of David nails are detailed but AMAZING.

4. These decals make dreidels easy.

5. The daintiest menorah!

6. If you can't fit a menorah on one nail, spread it out over a few.

7. Don't need Hanukkah imagery to make it a festive mani.

8. Try using strokes of glitter.

9. Oh my gosh. You line them up...and it's a rabbi.

10. So there's this awesome site called Midrash Manicures and you can get these amazing decals there.

11. A French manicure in holiday colors.

12. The most perfect Star of David decals.

13. Or maybe these decals are the most perfect.

14. This girl is the Picasso of Hanukkah nail art.

15. But these are truly the best — Thanksgivukkah nails!