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13 Hanukkah Fails That Are Undeniably Hilarious

Hanukkah OY Hanukkah.

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2. The time Wal-Mart thought ham would be a great serving suggestion for the holiday.

Wrong meat, brah.

4. This mall menorah...which was clearly lit by someone with zero comprehension of Hanukkah.

Doesn't it come with an instruction manual?


6. These Hanukkah stockings. Who fills them if it isn't Santa?

Don't say Hanukkah Harry. Don't.

7. This sad menorah whose shamash just gave up.

He's all, "I got six more nights of this, guys."


12. This Rudolph ornament, which seems to re-write history.

For Santa AND the Maccabees both, really.

13. And finally, these Santa-style kippahs. Not sure how the congregation would react if you showed up to shul in one of these...

Oh well! Chappy Chanukah!