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    13 Hanukkah Fails That Are Undeniably Hilarious

    Hanukkah OY Hanukkah.

    1. This well-intentioned but ultimately embarrassing menorah-tree-thing.

    Well, I suppose if you can't decide, this is some type of compromise.

    2. The time Wal-Mart thought ham would be a great serving suggestion for the holiday.

    3. When, inevitably, every year, the grocery store tries to pass off matzah as a Hanukkah delicacy.

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    Wrong holiday, YO!

    4. This mall menorah...which was clearly lit by someone with zero comprehension of Hanukkah.

    5. This makeshift potato-menorah, which, while a clever DIY solution, ultimately feels a bit sad.

    But there goes your latkes..

    6. These Hanukkah stockings. Who fills them if it isn't Santa?

    7. This sad menorah whose shamash just gave up.

    8. Any time anyone ever tried to spell "Hanukkah."

    In fairness, it's not easy.

    9. This menorah-bong, trying to be the highlight of the holiday.


    10. This menorah-inspired assemblage of sushi.

    Anyone know the blessing over the sushi?

    11. This gingerbread menorah...which is actually pretty cute.

    Yah, I'd eat that.

    12. This Rudolph ornament, which seems to re-write history.

    13. And finally, these Santa-style kippahs. Not sure how the congregation would react if you showed up to shul in one of these...

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