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    7 Hairstyles Of The '60s You'd Totally Wear Today

    And here's how to do them.

    1. The inspiration: A '60s ad for Klorane hair products.

    The tutorial: A volumized look with loose ringlets.

    2. The inspiration: Jean Shrimpton's sleek but substantial style on a 1965 Newsweek cover.

    The tutorial: A bouffant worn long.

    3. The inspiration: Brigitte Bardot's messy bouffant.

    The tutorial: The modified beehive.

    4. The inspiration: Audrey Hepburn's huge and smooth bun in Charade.

    The tutorial: The smooth chignon.

    5. The inspiration: Brigitte Bardot's classic ribbon.

    The tutorial: The girly bun.

    6. The inspiration: Tuesday Weld's sweetheart pony.

    The tutorial: The messy '60s pony.

    7. The inspiration: The iconic beehive, as seen on a 1960 Teenagers mag cover.

    The tutorial: A slightly more pimped-out version. Go big or go home!