16 Hair Drying Hacks For The Most Perfect Blowout

Harder, better, faster, stronger (hair).

1. Try out this dryer-in-shoe hack for a stationary dryer for styling or aiding a hot oil treatment.

Via One Good Thing by Jillee.

2. Of course if you’re really serious about hands-free drying, there are some pretty genius As Seen on TV dryer stands.

I mean. Why not? You can use them on pets, too. Apparently?

3. Right before you begin your blowout, absorb extra moisture with paper towels.

This super simple trick is surprisingly effective. Don’t just go for the bulk and the tips — dab at the roots as well. You’ll be pleased to see how much a simple sheet of Bounty will absorb.

4. You only need to dry your hair in four sections, not one million.

This is a pretty easy guide.

5. Using a boar bristle brush as you dry, will give you healthier, shiny hair.

They pull natural oils out from the scalp, which means you might even be able to forgo (or ease up on) an anti-frizz serum. Mason Pearson brushes are expensive, but the standard when it comes to this variety, plus they last forever.

6. But this brush will speed up your blowout.

Goody’s QuikStyle Half-Round Styler Brush comes packed with bits of microfiber, which remove moisture as you brush. Kind of like giving your locks an extra towel-down as you’re blow drying.

7. Ionic hair dryers work faster.

It also usually means they use less heat, which is better on your hair and great in the summer. The Cricket Centrix Alumilite Tourmaline Ionic Dryer blows hair at 50 mph, so for those who reeallllly hate blow drying, this is a great option.

8. Make sure you’re cleaning out your hair dryer regularly to maintain its performance.

Here’s how.

9. Don’t forget about your hair dryer’s cool shot function.

The cool shot is not, unfortunately, a button you can press to make you more popular. However, it’s there for a reason — it’s best used at the end of your drying session for a minute or two to lock in your hairstyle. (Heat allows you to style, cool sets it.) It will also add a bit of extra shine.

As an extra tip: In the summer, use heat for the first half of your session, then the cool shot for the rest of the way.

10. Switch to microfiber towels.

Super-absorbent, they’ll remove moisture quickly and get your hair to the perfect place to start your blow dry. Check out Aquis Essentials’ wares.

11. Using a plastic bag and a cool setting mimics the effects of a hood dryer.

Trying to set a style like curls or twists? Or doing a deep conditioning treatment? Just poke a few holes in the top of a plastic bag, set your dryer to a low setting, and get it up in there. The air will circulate around your locks, sealing in your style. This guy is adorable and will show you more on YouTube.

12. Another way to do a hands-free blowout: Use large velcro rollers.

Also a good choice for the summer. You can blast the rollers with your dryer, then let them sit and air dry for a while (assuming you have some time!). More info at Ring Finger Tan Line.

13. For ladies with natural hair, try the tension method.

It’s easy and will reduce heat damage. Get the tutorial here.

14. OMG yessss there is a product that will help dry your hair faster.

It’s called Blow Pro Express Blow Dry Lotion, and it also tames frizz. It’s $21 at Nordstrom.

15. Another time reducing tactic: vented brushes.

16. A genius way to store your dryer: Screw a magazine rack to the inside of your bathroom cabinet door.

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