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Green Gummy Bears Have Been Lying To You Your Whole Life

THAT'S the flavor?

As far as gummy bear brands go, Haribo's Gold-Bears are pretty much the standard worldwide. Haribo is largely credited as inventing the gummy bear, and the company is a top manufacturer of the treats.

For years, you probably thought you knew exactly what flavors you were putting in your mouth...

But guess what: the green ones? Probably not what you think.

Off the top of your head, what would you say the green flavor is? Apple? Lime, maybe?

The green ones are in fact STRAWBERRY FLAVORED. That's right: strawberry. The berry of the straw.

I know.

Furthermore, the red ones — what flavor would you think those are? We now know they can't be strawberry. So...cherry?

Wrong again, friend-o!! The red ones are RASPBERRY.

Finally figured out how #Haribo gummy bears work. I loved the green but had no idea WTF flavor it was until now. LOL

See that little red bear second from the left? With the raspberry icon? Raspberry.

Need further proof of this information? The FAQ section on Haribo's website says it is most definitely so:

The truth is out. Now you know. Enjoy.