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    Posted on Jul 28, 2014

    18 GIFs All '90s Girls Absolutely Need

    Because THAT Titanic GIF. You know the one.

    1. For when something is FINALLY going your way:

    Walt Disney / Buena Vista / Via

    Express your joy via The Parent Trap secret handshake! (Lilo 4eva.)

    2. For when things are definitely NOT going your way:

    Nickelodeon / Via

    Clarissa can only explain so many things!

    3. For when it's five minutes to quitting time and you are ready to GTFO:

    I must confess, that my employedness, is killing me nowwwww.

    4. For when you need a miracle (or magic) to happen:

    Columbia Pictures / Via

    The Craft, bitches.

    5. For when your friend invites you over for wine night and your answer is HELLS YES:

    NBC / Via

    Monica loves her some wine. You loves you some wine.

    6. For when you feel completely overwhelmed:

    Do I have to do everything? Tamagotchi needs to feed himself.

    7. For when you miss your boo:

    20th Century Fox / Via

    Say it Romeo + Juliet style: Cuz IIiiiiIIIii'm kiiIIiiissSing yOUuuuuu ohhhh.

    8. For when you are freaking THE FUCK out:

    Paramount / Via

    Honorary member of the First Wives Club.

    9. For when you're talking about your ex and how they'll never do any better than you:

    Buena Vista Pictures / Via


    10. For when your friend asks you if you want to do something super-duper fun!

    NBC / Via

    Only Michelle Tanner can get the eye roll just right.

    11. For when you've OD'd on online shopping:

    MTV / Via

    Wait, was Quinn from Daria actually ahead of her time?

    12. For when you're telling a friend about a problem you're having and you just want them to reassure you:

    Paramount / Via

    Oh, the inner turmoil of Cher Horowitz. Just wanting to make the world right.

    13. For when you are about to have a meltdown at work because everyone is stupid:

    *And you're a former Gwennabe.

    14. For when you're telling a friend that he or she just needs to GO FOR IT:

    Girl power!

    15. For when you know someone's lying:

    NBC / Via

    Give them Kelly Kapowski eyes.

    16. When your roommate keeps eating your cereal:

    Boys, food, whatever. If Brandy and Monica are around, there's an argument to be made.

    17. For when you're telling your friends that you slept with the new person you're dating:

    Paramount/20th Century Fox / Via

    "Let's just say it went like this... " This Titanic GIF keeps things discreet while still getting the point across.

    18. For literally anything and everything:

    Paramount / Via


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