13 Beauty Trends From The '90s You Can Bring Back Right Now

    Spice up your life, yo.

    1. Periwinkle Eyes

    At some point, Delia's or Cover Girl or someone came out with a thick, shimmery blue eye liner that was the most amazing thing ever. Stila's Smudge Stick Eye Liner in Periwinkle comes with a finer tip, so you don't have to go so hardcore.

    $8 at Stila.

    2. Color-Streaked Hair With Hair Mascara

    Hair Mascara kind of answered all your parental problems, allowing you to get pink streaks in your hair for the dance that would wash out the next day. Kevin Murphy's Color Bug is a chalky, pigmented block that also allows you to do Manic Panic-esque highlights.

    $20.69 at verbenaproducts.com.

    3. Vamp Nails

    Created in 1995, Chanel's Vamp polish might be the most famous nail polish in the world. Are you now remembering how sexy it was? It's still around (and of course you can find less expensive versions by Essie and OPI).

    $27 at Chanel.

    4. Creamy Shimmer Eyes

    This was a very bold look indeed. If you're feeling nostalgic, a more casual way to bring back the look would be to choose a flesh-toned or neutral hue. Try Maybelline's Color Tattoo in "Bad to the Bronze."

    $6.99 at Ulta.

    5. Midnight Blue Nails

    Or, as your grandmother called them, "a disease." She never got it. YSL nail lacquer in Bleu Cobalt does a pretty good impression of your old Wet 'n Wild or Urban Decay treasures.

    $27 at Sephora.

    6. Hair Wraps

    It's a mystery why this crafty trend hasn't made a resurgence yet. But it will. Oh how it will. Just you wait and see, Coachella 2015.

    Find out how to do it at U Lala.

    7. Peel-Off Nail Polish

    Remember the delight that came with slowly peeling off your Tinkerbell nail polish (10 minutes after you applied it)? There's now a nail polish company called Sula, which makes grown-up versions of your childhood favorite.

    $9 at Sula.

    8. Wine Lips

    For a while, it seemed like there were really only a handful of lipstick shades, and deep, deep red ones were the basic. Laura Mercier's Lip Glacé in "Black Cherry" makes you look like you've also topped it off with a coat of MAC Lipglass (which was pretty, but kind of a nightmare).

    $25 at Sephora.

    9. Frosty Lips

    This is one you'd probably never, ever really think to seriously wear, but The Beauty Department has instructions for what they call a "Lacquered Lip," which tones down the frost and is mega-pretty.

    Product ideas and instructions at The Beauty Department.

    10. Golden Eyes

    Remember how much fun this was? Swiping on gold shadow had a way of either making you feel like Mariah Carey or Drew Barrymore in Ever After — both good things. Sephora has an inexpensive and super basic pressed powder, but you could also go hunting for a loose, fairy dust-like version.

    $13 at Sephora.

    11. Lip Liner

    It might not have even crossed your mind after 1999 to wear lip liner, but instead of doing a crazy outlined pout, you could check out pencils in more modern hues — pinks, oranges, etc. The result can give your lips more definition and make the shading more complex.

    Some tips for a mega-pout at The Beauty Department.

    12. Purple Eyes

    You can actually just try doing this as you did in the '90s. Choose a lilac (like Revlon's ColorStay shadow in "Lilac") or sugar plum eyeshadow and lightly outline the edges of your eyes, top and bottom (as if applying liner). Then, if you want, a light dusting on the lids. Pretty.

    $2.99 at drugstore.com.

    13. Rum Raisin Lips

    The hue Cindy Crawford made famous is still around. Head to your local drugstore, pick up a tube, and relive the glory that was Revlon's "Rum Raisin" in the '90s.

    $7.99 at Drugstore.com.