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Frederick's Of Hollywood Catalogs: Providing Comic Entertainment Since 1964

From blow-up boobs to '80s hilarity, these are some amazing examples from your favorite trashy lingerie brand.

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1. 1964: Patti Stanger would be proud.

2. 1964: Blow-up boobs!

3. 1971: So wait, can you buy the body paint? Because where's the elaborate get-up?

4. 1979: White lady rocking an afro.

5. 1981: "Raise Your Sex Appeal And Get Your Man!"

6. '80s: Oh man.

7. 1990: Your mother would never let you wear this out of the house. Or in the house, for everyone else's sake.

8. 1990: Your average Frederick's spread (G-cup advert included)...

9. 1990: But wait — did you see this?! Butt enlargement panties. Aka, the anti-Spanx.

10. 1990: What's funny about this spread is that those knee-highs with the gold tiger? Pretty cool.

11. 1993: Merry Christmas! Love, Mom and Dad.

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