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    Nov 8, 2014

    15 Fortune Cookies That Delivered Some Real Talk

    Behold, the future.

    1. The fortune that pointed out a relevant fact about you:

    2. The fortune that was smart enough to know where your money went:

    3. The fortune that saw the beauty of beer:

    4. The fortune that correctly guessed your favorite things in life are sugar and iPhones:

    5. The fortune that knew you were cheating:

    6. The fortune that pointed out what everyone thinks but never says or wants to believe:

    7. The fortune that pointed out the obvious:

    8. The fortune that is just as confused about relationships as you are:

    9. This fortune, which validated every Star Wars fan's existence:

    10. The fortune intended for anyone who likes fun:

    11. This fortune with a very astute observation:

    12. The fortune that knows the joy footwear can bring:

    13. The fortune that knows you are eating a fortune cookie:

    14. The fortune you wished someone told you before your parents divorced:

    15. And this fortune, which spoke the truth about some fortune cookies:

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