Forgotten Band #254 Of The '90s: S.O.A.P.

    This Danish sister duo produced that '98 classic, "This Is How We Party," which included such poetic lyrics as "Du-bi-du-bi-du-bi-du-bi-du-bi-dub-du-dap-dap."

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    If you're a Gen Y girl, you probably first heard S.O.A.P. on one of those Delia's CDs. A Danish pop duo consisting of sisters Heidi and Saseline Sørensen, they toured with the Backstreet Boys in 2000. And then their lives were pretty much downhill from then. Ours, too.

    Their style was pretty amazing. Lipstick? Epic.

    Eyeshadow? Epic.

    Epic squared.

    Saseline Sørensen is still making music. It sounds kind of like Madonna.

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    Her sister, Heidi, is also still making music but she's known as "Suriya." Her 2011 single, "Louis Bag," (WTF does that mean?) sounds kinda like Ke$ha.

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