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For Everyone With A Sexual Attraction To Makeup

Baby got brushes.

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1. So you love makeup a lot. Like, to the point where you think more about a new lipstick than a new love interest.

2. And anyone dating you must understand how to woo you.

3. And the way you flirt is going to involve nudes, naturally.

4. In fact, you tend to relate most pickup lines back to your look of the day.

5. Because you know the value and importance of a new Naked palette, you'll fight for one with courage and passion.

6. And the feeling you get when staring at your's like all the butterflies of first love.

7. You'd really rather never be apart from your beautiful products.

8. Not to mention how difficult it can be to part with the artistry on your face.

9. You seriously can't be responsible for any late night, drunken communication that happens between you and any beauty retailer.

10. While you might feel a sexual attraction for your pigmented products, with your tools and brushes, you seem to understand what motherhood is all about.

11. But when makeup betrays you, you can feel blindsided and confused.

12. Like, sometimes you and makeup go through rough periods and it's all you can think about.

13. The heartbreak when makeup doesn't perfectly cooperate can be indescribable.

14. But really, it's just because you care so much. You don't want to mess anything up.

15. And the thing is, you just can't quit makeup. You. Just. Can't.

16. And most people simply do not get this.

17. They do not understand the care and devotion you put into your craft.

18. But that's OK because you know the truth — that your relationship to makeup is truly beautiful.