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21 Fantasies All '90s Girls Had

If only Mall Madness money was real ...

1. That your Mall Madness money and credit cards would work in the real world.

2. That your Dream Phone would make real calls.

3. That you'd meet the Olsen Twins and become their best friend.

Still aiming for this one tbh.

4. That you could actually drive your Barbie PowerWheels around town.

5. That if you filled a dELiA*s order form without any payment info, they'd magically give you the clothes for free.

Five plaid halter tops coming my way!

6. That your name or photo would be featured in Seventeen because you were a "cool teen" America wanted to hear from.

Flickr: lookinthetunk

Trendsetting since 1992.

7. That you would start your own Baby-Sitters' Club and make bank.

8. That you could actually ask Zandar questions and he'd be able to give you real answers.

I mean, theoretically it could then be used to save the world. But all you really want to know is if Josh S. likes you.

9. That your mom would let you attend The Barbizon School. Because this was how you were going to become a supermodel!

Strike a pose!

10. That this would actually turn into edible candy.

11. That you'd find angel wings just like Claire Danes' in Romeo + Juliet and have places to wear them.

20th Century Fox /

Like everywhere.

12. That you'd actually be popular and busy enough to fill up your Lisa Frank planner.

Let's be real: Most of these pages went blank.

13. That you'd go to TRL and be featured on-camera. Which would obviously be the beginning of your fame and fortune.


"She got her start as an NSYNC fan professing her love on TRL ..."

14. That your Beauty and the Beast "enchanted" toys would actually have powers.

I had a light-up enchanted rose and I legit used to pray to it.

15. That the Spice Girls would adopt you as a sister.

It's worth a shot, right?

16. That you could totally run away and subsist on treats you make in your Easy-Bake Oven.

Obviously you would be able to live forever on tiny chocolate cakes.

17. That you would date JTT.

Or marry. Both, ideally.

18. That you'd be able to go back to the '70s.

Remember how everyone went through a hippie-revival phase? Flowers, groovy lettering, lava lamps, smiley faces, round glasses?

19. That Devon Sawa would keep you.

Universal /


20. That every time you went to someone's ice skating birthday, you'd get out there and have moves just like Michelle Kwan.

Getty Images / Glenn Cratty

And just think how AMAZING it'd be for you to do those moves to Mariah Carey's "Hero."

21. That by 16, you'd live your life just like Cher: With your own cell phone, a white Jeep, and designer dresses to wear to school.


I mean, this is of course after you'd grown out your Barbie PowerWheel.

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