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16 Examples Of Disney Nail Art That Will Render You Speechless

Little Mermaid nails FTW.

1. Not only is this Little Mermaid mani beautifully painted, it's also textured with mini shells and charms. (Totally a reason to be where the people are.)

2. Headless Disney princesses: This is both slightly weird and entirely awesome.

3. It's the ciiiiiirrrrle of life!

4. These Ariel-inspired tips are definitely doable.

5. Super kawaii Alice in Wonderland nails.

6. Oh my god this is insane!

7. This sweet Minnie-cure makes me want to go to Disneyland right now.

8. Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, and Cinderella all on one hand? I'm impressed.

9. These are Sleeping Beauty-inspired. See how it looks like her dress?

10. Bonjour, Chip, from Beauty and the Beast.

11. This Cheshire cat mani is mad. Mad AWESOME.

12. Another Sleeping Beauty-esque manicure, playing off of the princess's golden locks.

13. A cutesy version of Disney princesses.

14. For your next trip to Disney World.

15. Hopefully Aladdin would appreciate the artistry that went into these Princess Jasmine nails.

16. This TInker Belle mani is clearly the product of fairy magic.