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23 Epically Wrong Retail Fails

Making no cents.

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1. This store, which one can only assume is in on the whole penis joke. Because how could you not??

2. When this grocery store forgot the word for "bananas."

3. When this company's design failed so bad it produced decapitated cake toppers.

4. When Samsung Galaxies were only $50! Oh, wait ... NooooOoooOooope.

5. When this picture frame was sold with a stock photo of kids. KIDS.

6. When Tesco put a chicken sandwich on sale.

7. When the designer of this mug didn't think about what a customer might see.

8. When Homegoods looked like this aka FAIL CITY.

9. No idea what this word actually says, but perhaps the store should have thought twice about the wording here ...

10. When this 0% sale happened. HAHAHHA joke's on you.

11. When Hot Topic could not even bother to get its Disney straight.

12. When a clearance was defined as a reduction of one whole dollar.

13. When this poor manni-kid lost his arm.

14. When someone tried to sell this notebook. Which is ... almost there ... I get it ... but rilly?

15. When this clearance tag made immature people take Instagrams of something that looked like "shit."

16. When this shirt happened. When both these shirts happened.

17. When BCBG offered this sweet misspelling on a neklase.

18. When you could save $0! What a great day!

19. When a store decided sugar-filled Fig Newtons qualified as "healthy living."

20. When bananas apparently came de-boned.

21. When this unfortunate font graced this packaging.

22. When lemons were perfect for orange juice.

23. When the lights went out.

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