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17 Horrifically Sad Sunburns


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1. This is what you get for wearing Crocs in the first place.

2. This guy's favorite ice cream? Neapolitan.

3. "Z" is also the grade you just got in life for not wearing sunscreen.

4. Hats off to you, good sir.

5. I can only assume this person sat out in the sun for too long with a bowl of cereal.

6. This person might be a math nerd, but it doesn't take a genius to know that this is a bad idea.

7. Risking death in two ways now, I see.


8. Gross. Just effing gross.

9. True story: When you fall asleep on the beach with no sunscreen, everyone can see where your hands have been.

10. What evil garment even causes this? Also, use sunscreen. Please.

11. This Band-Aid tan is a nagging reminder that YOU STILL NEED SUNSCREEN.

12. And always remember: Sunglasses do not entirely protect you from the sun.

13. Anyone who tries to make "fashion tans" should also be subject to arrest by the fashion police.

14. When people start calling you a redneck, just know that they're saying it literally.

15. Whoever uses this buttcrack-tanning device: YOU FAIL.

16. Complicated swimsuits are fun and all, but they can result in (painful) conversation topics.

17. If your friend did this to you: You have horrible friends. If you did this to you: You don't deserve summer.