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    Emojis You Need If You Are In The Illuminati

    I triangle you so hard.

    1. Roc Sign

    How to use: When you want to high-five someone for understanding that Barack is ONE OF US.

    2. All-Seeing Eye Pyramid

    How to use: When you've gained control of another media network and you're feeling elite as fuck.

    3. Triple Six Sign

    How to use: When you're feeling particularly close to the anti-Christ because another celeb has named their baby a Satanic anagram and only you know MUAHAHAHAH.

    4. Owl of Minerva

    How to use: When a friend texts you a picture of something that is clearly an Illuminati symbol hidden in plain sight and you're like OH MY GOD HOW DID I NOT REALIZE PIZZA IS A TRIANGLE BECAUSE OF OUR MIGHTY POWER?

    5. Jay and Bey

    How to use: When you're feeling love for your Illumina-boo.

    6. Hidden Eye of Lucifer

    How to use: When something good happens and you just gotta PRAISE SATAN YA KNOW??

    7. New World Order

    How to use: Send this whenever you've made progress on your latest government conspiracy. Water on Mars? HAHAHA WHO DO YOU THINK PUT IT THERE?

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