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    A Definitive Ranking Of 72 Disney Princess Outfits

    Puffy-sleeved ball gowns FTW.

    72. Pretty sure every grandma has bought this same nightie on sale at Marshall's.

    71. If there's one thing we can take away from this outfit it's this: Never wear poop-colored anything out of the house.

    70. At least you'll never get sunburned in this head-to-toe covering. This is a Meri-don't.

    69. Sleeping Beauty's parents were royalty and they couldn't even put their baby in cute clothes? Is that a pashmina? What is this, 2003?

    68. When you leave it to mice to make your dress, the result will probably look like a first year fashion student did their best.

    67. As far as indentured servitude fashion goes, this isn't actually so bad?

    66. Ditto for this. Although those clogs ...

    65. Sleeping Beauty, the Druid edition.

    64. The '80s-ness of this makes it an entirely regrettable wedding gown.

    63. Who knew they had a Jessica McClintock in Pixar Bavaria?

    62. Sorry, Mulan.

    61. This at least seems more comfortable.

    60. Sadly, there is probably some high-fashion version of this you can buy at Barneys for the price of your first born child.

    59. Wait — how is this now suddenly just like a basic dress from Forever 21?

    58. This is just not a good look. But we all knew that.

    57. The costume that got used and reused for every high school Shakespeare production.

    56. That color is pretty, but a maid's uniform is either sexy or sad, and I'd say this is kind of the latter.

    55. I respect you, Cinderella. But you can't wear a wedding gown that is basically THE SAME DRESS you wore to the ball.

    54. Wearing T-shirts to bed is NOT ALLOWED in Disney. Frilly pink nightgowns ONLY.

    53. Just cannot get behind the pattern clashing that's going on here.

    52. Although that hair is FUCKING DOPE.

    51. Snore.

    50. This is hot ... but it's not really an "outfit" because it's basically mermaid-naked + bikini top.

    49. 14-year-old betrothal attire.

    48. I just feel your jewelry is really overpowering your impossibly small body.

    47. I mean, this outfit would have probably ranked higher if it was still 2009 and harem pants were in.

    46. Throwing a shawl on it does NOT a new "look" make.

    45. Like, Jasmine's style is — wear the same outfit, but in different colors. And then add an arm cuff from Urban Outfitters.

    44. Why yes, I would like to know where you can get the grown-up version of this.

    43. Muji for Mulan.

    42. Even though this is just a basic brown dress, I'd wear it. Plus those shoes: hawt.

    41. This is princess "casualwear." You know, like what you wear to Thursday night dinner at home.

    40. Why not?

    39. Yeah, OK.

    38. Pretty sure you could order this from the summer 1999 Delia's catalog.

    37. Definitely your standard "singing in Provincial France like it's NBD" outfit.

    36. Matching cloche and coat? CLASSY.

    35. You pretty.

    34. You cute.

    33. You VERY cute.

    32. I wish they had just left Mulan in her underwear instead of making her up because: simple white dress with red hair accent? Liking it a lot.

    31. Yep.

    30. I see what you did there.

    29. This is pretty fabulous, but tough to pull off.

    28. This is adorable.

    27. Also adorable. BRB, Googling "Peter Pan collar dresses for kids that grown women can also wear."

    26. Basic Bitch Briar Rose.

    25. Mulan rocking a bold color combo.

    24. Minimalist Mulan. Digging the maxi skirt.

    23. I feel bad for Pocahontas because she only gets to wear one outfit for the whole movie. But she looks pretty damn hot in it.

    22. Now begins the Disney ball gowns that you'd never wear but boy-oh-boy did you ever think they were pretty.

    21. The patterns and colors in Frozen are insane.

    20. Kirsten, the American Girl doll, would have totally rocked this.

    19. So cute. PATTERNS.

    18. Sooooo effing cute.

    17. THAT CLOAK.

    16. Hello! I'm faaAAAaaaAAAAbulous!

    15. Belle, the princess of Butterfingers.

    14. This could almost be a Chanel ensemble. Wintour would approve.

    13. And now she's got a military-style jacket on? The details just keep getting better.

    12. There was always something so appealing about Little Cinderella's petticoats

    11. Of course, Sleeping Beauty's ball gown has always been a classic.

    10. But let's just settle the debate: MAKE IT FUCKING PINK.

    9. Oh, eff yeah, Frozen!

    8. Yes yes yes yesss.

    7. Oh, right there. Yes.

    6. Oh God, YES!

    5. Yes! Yes! Oh YESSSS. You rock those gloves. ROCK. THEM. HARD.

    4. Diva dress! Calling all Mariahs!

    3. Tiana, this is some heavenly sexiness right here.

    2. This is just freaking perfect. PERFECT.

    1. But this. Forever. I love you, sparkly dress and glass pumps that magically do not give you blisters.