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    Posted on Aug 6, 2013

    17 Downright Terrifying Disney Movie Moments

    How were we not scared shitless by this stuff as kids?

    1. The shark scene in The Little Mermaid

    That Ariel was exploring creepy abandoned ships was already super unsettling... like you knew there was evil in there. AND THEN THERE WAS. Go away, Scary Shark!

    2. When Belle's dad gets lost in the woods in Beauty and the Beast

    Whenever a Disney character ventures into the woods by himself = bad news.

    3. The climax of Sleeping Beauty

    See what I'm saying about that woods stuff? The entire ending of Sleeping Beauty is terrifying. But there's something super nasty about those thorny woods. You know the prince will defeat the villain... but you could legit get stuck in those thorns and die.

    4. The shipwreck scene in Pocahontas

    The lessons taught to you by so many Disney movies: Avoid boat travel at all costs.

    5. The alley fight scene in Lady and the Tramp

    Puppies, nooo!!! Why so angry?

    6. Gaston's attempted courtship in Beauty and the Beast

    OMG, dude! Don't corner a lady like that. You got mad issues.

    7. The donkey scene in Pinocchio

    Scary thing No. 1: Young boys turn into donkeys (must be painful).

    Scary thing No. 2: That scary monster man.

    Scary thing No. 3: Then the donkey-boys turn into slaves... they are sold off to work in salt mines. WTF.

    8. The murder attempt in Snow White

    Just consider the following... there are hit men in Disney movies.

    9. The battle scenes in Pocahontas

    Put this one under the category of: Disney Movie Scenes Depicting Angry White Men with Fire and Weapons.

    10. The rat scene in Lady and the Tramp

    When rats attack.

    11. When Cinderella gets locked in her room by her Evil Stepmother

    The claustrophobic horror of being completely trapped?! Not knowing when you'll be able to eat, drink, or pee next? Good lord.

    12. The Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland

    Jeez. This chick. Would kill you and wouldn't even have the courtesy to do it in your sleep.

    13. When the villagers storm the Beast's castle in Beauty and the Beast

    Have you come to the realization yet that everyone in this movie was ruled by a culture of fear?

    14. Everything about The Horned King in The Black Cauldron

    Go home, man! You're freaking me out!

    15. Cruella de Vil's crazy driving in 101 Dalmatians


    16. "A Night on Bald Mountain" in Fantasia

    Evil spirits rising from the grave... completely chilling and haunting.

    17. When Jafar turns into a giant snake in Aladdin

    Not sure how this didn't cause produce an emotionally damaged generation wrecked by nightmares derived from these scenes.

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