5 Dogs Who Were Victims Of 1950s Canine Fashions

Mink stoles and diamanté collars, anyone?

1. This is Maurice. Apparently “one of the 10 best dressed men in the dog fashion world” (of the 1950s). He participated in a doggie fashion show, documented by British Pathé.

2. Here he is in a princely velvet cloak, adorned with fanciful embroidery. Which he definitely did NOT get made fun of for wearing at the dog park.

3. This poodle gets outfitted in a cobalt blue doily, complete with diamanté collar.


4. Another furry friend models what looks like a Christmas tree skirt.

5. This little lady had the good fortune to be selected for the doggie bridal costume.

I’m sorry.

6. And this pooch will forever fear rain after wearing those little booties.

7. Check out the hilariously bad news clip of the ’50s here:

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