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    Disneyland's "Date Nite" Of The '50s Will Make You Wish You Had A Time Machine

    Taffeta dresses and moonlight dancing on the Mark Twain riverboat? Yes, please.

    In the '50s and '60s, Disneyland promoted special "Date Nites." So if you recently went steady or got pinned, this was the place to be.

    $6.50 for admission for two?! Today, that'd be equivalent of about $50 or $60, which is still a bargain. Today, a 1-day ticket to Disneyland costs $92.

    Can you believe people got dressed up to go to Disneyland? This is so awesome.

    Disneyland..."a favorite with Grown-Ups for a summer night's 'vacation.'"

    In 1956, Disney put out a record with bandstand music that brought the experience of Date Nite to your home.

    If you're interested in hearing what Date Nite was like, someone's put the album online. The quality isn't the greatest, but if you turn up the volume, and imagine yourself in a taffeta dress with a dapper gent on your can almost see it.

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