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Disneyland's 1965 Employee Handbook Was Just As Strict As You'd Imagine

Here's what new hires had to know about working for Disney in the '60s.

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Behold, Disneyland and You, a 1965 Disneyland employee manual.

Here are the rules and requirements for your dream job...

No "squares" allowed, meaning don't call anyone "Mr." and definitely don't be a grouch.

There are "Disneyland Taboos." Forget any smoking, drinking, gum chewing, or sleeping on the job :(

Lady cast members had to make sure they wore no "extreme makeup," and clear nail polish only. There goes your DIY Pinterest mani you spent all day on. Womp womp.

Your significant other can also work at Disneyland! Only you can't work in the same department. Or have the same job. That's just unnatural, folks!

Freeeee tickets! Yessssss. Only six months of service and you'll be surprised with ticket books.

Employees got a silver pin after one year of service, and a gold pin after five. I bet these service pins from the '60s are now worth quite a bit.

To check out the rest of this vintage employee handbook, check out

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