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    29 Denim Brands You Totally Forgot Existed

    Because you probably still have a pair of Mudd jeans somewhere in the back of your closet.

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    1. Bongo

    Here's a glimpse at Bongo in the early 2000s era when Fergie was shilling for them. But this denim brand was also super popular in the late '80s and early '90s when Liv Tyler was the face.

    2. l.e.i.

    What is it with denim brands and initials? This one stands for "life, energy, intelligence." Kind of a lot to ask for from jeans.

    3. Todd Oldham Jeans

    Todd Oldham was one of the coolest designers of the '90s, and he also had a denim line.

    4. Marithé + François Girbaud

    Founded in France in 1964, the label rose to popularity in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s when it was the preferred denim brand among rappers like the Notorious B.I.G. and De La Soul.

    5. Gitano Jeanswear

    Shania loved these high-waisted numbers.

    6. Chip & Pepper

    Launched in 2003 by a pair of bro-ey twins, Chip & Pepper was a luxury brand.

    7. B.U.M. Equipment

    Although this popular late '80s label might have been better known for sweatshirts, it also had a pretty popular denim line -- for anyone wanting a head-to-toe B.U.M. look.

    8. X-AM Jeans

    In the '90s, X-AM Jeans perfected the mom jean cut.

    9. Mudd Jeans

    A favorite of '90s girls, Mudd knew how to capture the tweenage audience: Just spell something weird.

    10. Pepe Jeans

    How cool were Pepe Jeans in the early '90s? Cool enough to have both Jason Priestly and Kate Moss do campaigns for them.

    11. Mickey Unlimited

    Even the most die-hard Disney fan probably stayed away from these denim atrocities.

    12. Cross Colours

    Probably the most iconic hip-hop label of the early '90s. Fans of the brand included TLC and Kriss Kross.

    13. Unionbay

    Unionbay catered to what they called the "university beatnik" crowd, but what they really meant was "fans of Dawson's Creek."

    14. Versace Jeans Couture

    Bright pastel colored jeans that screamed mid-'90s Miami!

    15. Pure Playaz

    Here is a sad story: These jeans came with a light-up fiber optic cable that ran down the sides.

    16. Bugle Boy

    Let's face it, this was THE coolest label to wear for '80s kids.

    Sadly, the label did not survive the '90s.

    17. Jou Jou

    I suppose these were known as disco jeans when they were skin-tight. Around the '80s, they turned into balloon pants.

    18. Mavi

    L. Cohen / WireImage

    People still wear these, I guess. In the late '90s and early 2000s, they were favored by girls seeking a bit of Cali flair. (Read: Obsessed with The O.C.)

    19. Silvertab Jeans

    In the mid to late '90s, there was no cooler brand for a teenager to wear than Levis Silvertab — in medium stonewash, of course.

    20. Paper Denim & Cloth

    This upscale denim line came around in 1999 and the designs were actually pretty great and simple (despite the bootcut fit). They apparently made a comeback in 2013.

    21. Baby Phat

    For girls who wanted their denim a bit more urban, there was this showy brand created by Russell and Kimora Lee Simmons.

    22. Joop!

    Joop! was not just a cologne, but also a denim line.

    23. No Excuses


    These were the Miranda jeans. Her skinny jeans!

    24. Z. Cavarricci

    Pleated and acid washed, these jeans were best paired with Vuarnet France T-shirts.

    25. Reactor

    Jeans that were made for the "new millennium," but looked like they were stuck in the '90s.

    26. Apple Bottom Jeans

    In 2003, Nelly launched this denim brand for women with a little more booty.

    27. XOXO

    Were you an early 2000s girl who also thought these jeans—with regrettable girly embellishments—were just the cutest?

    28. Paris Blues

    A department and teen store staple for over 30 years.

    29. Jnco Jeans

    Ahh, the Age of the Jnco. A time when your popularity was based not on the size of your personality, but rather the largeness of your pants.

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