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    14 Delightful Photos Of Vintage Debutante Style

    Sashay, shante.

    1. A modern bunch of 1957 debutantes. The tradition began as a way for high society families to debut their daughters who reached a marriageable age.

    Edward Miller/Keystone / Getty Images

    2. 1925: Part of becoming a debutante means being schooled in manners and social graces. The proper curtsey was of utmost importance.

    Topical Press Agency / Getty Images

    3. These 1927 ladies are also getting their curtsy on.

    Topical Press Agency / Getty Images

    4. Sheesh. Apparently the curtsy stuff is no easy business.

    Fox Photos/Hulton Archive / Getty Images

    5. Debs in 1930, on their way to make their big entrance.

    Keystone / Getty Images

    6. At a 1940 ball for the Republican party, debs consort with an elephant.

    Hulton Archive / Getty Images

    7. In 1925, debutantes get a lesson in the extremely difficult task of picking up a handkerchief.

    E Bacon / Getty Images

    8. This 1924 high society lady — decked out in classic '20s couture — is on her way to be presented at Buckingham Palace.

    Topical Press Agency / Getty Images

    9. American debutantes get ready for a presentation at Buckingham Palace. That girl on the far left is not feeling it.

    Keystone / Getty Images

    10. A large, delicious cake and its class of 1932 debs.

    Topical Press Agency / Getty Images

    11. Debutante casualwear circa 1958.

    Edward Miller/Keystone / Getty Images

    12. A group of white-frocked debs come out at the Queen Charlotte Ball in London, 1946.

    Hulton Archive / Getty Images

    13. Satin and pearls were popular choices in 1931.

    Gaiger/Topical Press Agency / Getty Images

    14. How cool? A class of Japanese debutantes in 1958.

    Lee/Central Press/Hulton Archive / Getty Images

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