Could You And Your Partner Pass A U.S. Immigration Marriage Interview?

How well do you actually know your romantic partner? Find out with these questions.

1. If you’re a U.S. citizen and you want to marry a foreigner, part of the process involves an interview about your relationship.

Part of the application for the foreign spouse’s green card includes an in-person interview with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. In it, an immigration officer will question the couple to make sure the marriage is legit and not, as they say, a “green card marriage.” While the interview usually includes basic questions about the relationship — when did you meet, how did your courtship progress — immigration officials may also ask very specific questions about your significant other.

The following are potential questions that could be asked, culled from newspaper articles, immigration lawyers, and testimonials. So, you know, don’t treat this an official preparation of any kind because there are a lot of different factors that go into that interview. This is a quiz and it’s supposed to be fun, mmmkay?

RULES: Check off each question you know the answer to. If the question doesn’t quite apply to you and your S.O., check it anyhow. (For example, if it’s a question about your S.O.’s job, but he/she’s unemployed, still check that question.)

  1. Check off all of the questions you know the answer to about your partner and your relationship:
    1. 1 What time does your S.O. get up?
    2. 2 What does your S.O. eat for breakfast?
    3. 3 How does your S.O. take his/her coffee?
    4. 4 If you live together, where do you keep spare toilet paper? If not, where does he/she keep it?
    5. 5 What is the name of the restaurant you both most frequently order takeout from?
    6. 6 If you share an apartment, how much is your rent?
    7. 7 What did your S.O. do for New Year’s Eve last year?
    8. 8 What did you do for your S.O.’s birthday last year?
    9. 9 Where did you and your S.O. meet?
    10. 10 When did you meet?
    11. 11 Who spoke to whom first? (Or, in this digital age, who approached whom first online)?
    12. 12 Where does your S.O. keep clean underwear?
    13. 13 What color is your S.O.’s toothbrush?
    14. 14 What was the last movie you two saw in a theater together?
    15. 15 What restaurant would you two go to for a special occasion?
    16. 16 What restaurants do you eat out at?
    17. 17 How many siblings does your S.O. have?
    18. 18 What are their names?
    19. 19 What is the name of your S.O.’s manager or boss?
    20. 20 What is the name of your S.O.’s best friend?
    21. 21 What day is trash collected at your house? (Or your S.O.’s if you don’t live together.)
    22. 22 When you last saw one of your S.O.’s family members, what did you do together?
    23. 23 What radio station does your S.O. listen to?
    24. 24 What brand of toothpaste does your S.O. use?
    25. 25 What brand of shampoo does your S.O. use?
    26. 26 Do you/or your S.O. have a regular or pull-out bed sofa?
    27. 27 What type of window coverings are in your/your S.O.’s living room (e.g. curtains, blinds, etc.)?
    28. 28 What color are they?
    29. 29 When is your S.O.’s birthday?
    30. 30 What is the most important holiday for you both to celebrate together?
    31. 31 How old is your S.O.’s mother?
    32. 32 How old is your S.O.’s father?
    33. 33 What was your last fight over?
    34. 34 When was your last fight?
    35. 35 What is your S.O.’s phone number?
    36. 36 How many days after your first date/meeting did you talk again?
    37. 37 After your first date/meeting, who contacted whom first?
    38. 38 What is your S.O.’s salary?
    39. 39 What kind of car (make, model, color) did your S.O. drive when you first met?
    40. 40 How many pillows do you and your S.O. sleep with?
    41. 41 Where do your S.O.’s parents live?
    42. 42 In what city/town was your S.O. born?
    43. 43 Does your S.O. have any scars and if so, where?
    44. 44 Does your S.O. have any tattoos and if so, where?
    45. 45 What is your S.O.’s favorite food?
    46. 46 What is your S.O.’s middle name?

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