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18 Cool Etsy Products All '90s Nickelodeon Kids Need Now

The '90s ARE all that!

1. Acrylic Rugrats Necklace, $20.30

Baby bling!

2. Camp Anawanna T-Shirt, $14

Salute your shorts... and shirts!

3. Kenan & Kel Orange Soda Mug, $15.39

You do you do you do oooo.

4. '90s Nick Button Pin Set, $4.50

'90s pride right here.

5. Doug Funnie Earrings, $9

What could be dreamier than wearing the sweetest Nicktoon boy on your ears?

6. Patti Mayonnaise Earrings, $9

One better than Doug Funnie earrings — mixing in these pairs to make the perfect couple.

7. Ren & Stimpy Log Tote, $14.75

Everyone wants a log (tote bag)!

8. Mr. Tastee Shirt, $17.95

Remember this from Pete & Pete?

9. '90s Nick Nail Decals, $6

I could watch this nail art all day long.

10. Midnight Society T-Shirt, $17

You'd be crazy to turn down an opportunity to be a part of the Midnight Society, aka all the coolest kids from Are You Afraid of the Dark?

11. Hey Arnold Earrings, $7.50

Move it, Football Head! Like, move it to my ears so I can look fly.

12. Cynthia Doll Shirt, $44

Literally the most underappreciated Rugrats character: the Cynthia doll.

13. Clarissa Darling Fan Club Button, $2

Assuming Sam is president, is the VP job open?

14. Ren & Stimpy Stickers, $4.21

You eeeeediot!

15. Pete & Pete Illustrated T-Shirt, $18

Best badass bros.

16. "Killer Tofu" Fork, $16

Remember this song from Doug? "Ah ee ooh... killer tofu!"

17. Legends of the Hidden Temple Red Jaguars Shirt, $14.95

Winners, obviously.

18. Neon Slime Bracelet, $12

Tbh, still a lifetime goal to get slimed. This will do for now.

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