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33 "Clueless" References You Missed As A Kid

These jokes and references probably once went over your head.

1. Cher thinks her life must look like a Noxzema commercial...

This is what a Noxzema commercial of the mid-'90s looked like.

2. When Cher says her Jeep is "loqued out," she means it's fresh/fly/cool...

3. The "great singers of the past" (meaning the '70s) she's is talking about are (Cher, obvi) and Dionne Warwick.

Dionne Warwick did infomercials for Psychic Friends Network, while Cher did Lori Davis hair products.

4. "That Ike and Tina Turner movie" Cher thinks her friends have seen too many times...

Is What's Love Got to Do With It, a 1993 biopic about Tina Turner's life.

5. Jeepin' or "vehicular sex" is, you know, hooking up in a car.

6. It's not "outie," it's "audi." As in the car brand, Audi.

7. In this scene, Alicia Silverstone actually mispronounced "Haitians" on her own. Director Amy Heckerling thought the mistake was so good, she kept it in.

8. This means, according to Cher, that the Haitians should feel free to just show up in America.

9. "Maudlin music" is Radiohead.

10. The Galleria is a mall in the San Fernando Valley.

11. When Cher calls Josh "Kato"...

She's referring to Kato Kaelin, the lame guy/witness in the OJ Simpson case who was living in Simpson's guesthouse. Generally thought of as a freeloader.

12. Contempo Casual was a mall chain store.

It is in fact called Contempo CasualS. With an s. Plural.

13. Cher is implying that all female gym teachers are lesbians. Miss Stoeger is a lesbian. Maybe.

14. Cher's "secret admirer" note is a quote she thinks comes from Cliff's Notes. It is one of Shakespeare's most famous sonnets, which begins, "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?"

15. "The Crimson Wave" is a bunch of girls on their periods.

16. TreePeople is an environmental non-profit organization.

17. When Dee says Josh is going through his "post-adolescent idealistic phase"...

She means to say that Josh is acting like a know-it-all.

18. "Barneys" and "Bettys" are a reference to the Flintstones characters, a Betty being a babe, and a Barney being a lame guy.

19. When Dee says Tai is "toe-up," it means she's "ugly from toe to head."

20. A "Baldwin," Clueless slang for a hot guy, refers to the Baldwin Brothers.

21. An "herbal refreshment" is marijuana. And Tai's astonishment at coke has nothing to do with Coca-Cola.

22. The book she's talking about is A Tale of Two Cities by Dickens.

23. This is a reference to David Lynch's '90s TV show about a young girl's murder — the world of the show is eerie, weird, and surreal.

24. When Cher corrects Josh's annoying girlfriend, who thinks Hamlet said, "To thine own self be true"...

It's because she saw this 1990 adaptation.

25. Remember when Cher makes this comparison?

This is a Pauly Shore movie. It does not have meaning.

26. This book is a hint that Christian is gay.

27. Mel says this to Christian because, well, he dresses just like the members of the Rat Pack did.

28. Billie Holiday is a woman.

29. Josh calls Christian the "ring-a-ding kid," which references a Sinatra song.

30. The movie Christian brings over — Spartacus — is another hint that Christian is gay. That movie is filled with homoeroticism.

31. When Cher says this, you may not have known what Fred Segal was.

This is Fred Segal. It is a store in Los Angeles where celebrities like to shop.

32. This moment is inspired by the 1958 film, Gigi.

33. This is a bong. And a bong is what you smoke marijuana out of.

And as a bonus, here's this moment you never noticed. Here's Lucy the maid, who is terrified of Mel, hiding behind a door.