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19 Christmas Decorations Gone Wrong

These will ruin your childhood.

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1. This mind- (and something else-blowing) display.

2. This pour soul, whose after-life involves shaking his damn head all Christmas long.

3. This erect palm tree, dazzling in red and green.

4. This tree, decorated by the world's laziest person.

5. This makeshift tree, topped with a glorious traffic cone.

6. This Santa display, showing St. Nick on his break.

7. This ode to alcohol, a tree made of old beer bottles.

8. But even worse is this "tree" made of Jagermeister. (Can you feel the chunks rising?)

9. This perplexing reindeer display.

10. This twig of Christmas despair.

11. This work of art — meant to represent a Christmas tree — briefly on display in Paris. Until Parisians pulled the plug.

12. These definitely-not-a-penis light decorations.

13. This "tree" of vices.

14. This festive display of places people poop.

15. This awkward interfaith tree.

16. These reindeer tree toppers, trying to sneak a quickie.

17. These Santa decorations ... and their "helpers"?

18. This light display, during the daytime, which shows Santa's naughty side.

19. And this Rude-dolph statue. You would even say it grows.

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