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15 Things All Cats Do At Christmastime

Feline Navidad.

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1. Taste-test the tree to make sure it's still fresh.

"OK, no. I was not EATING it. I am just checking it."

3. Single out one ornament and suspiciously eye it while trying to figure out how to thwart said ornament's evil plan.

"And so we meet again Candy Cane ... if that even is your real name."


4. But also wage feline warfare on all available ornaments.


5. Put up with all your holiday photography. Which always seems to involve hats engineered to piss cats off.

"Why U gots ta taunt me, Santa hat?"

6. Look at your holiday decorations and changes in the house in complete confusion.

"But what it is?"

7. Explore the climate changes.

"Just chillin' wif my bad self."


10. Which also means if you get them a present, they will assume the box it comes in is the actual present.

"How did you know??? I even wanted an Amazon box, not any other type of box. Ohhhh thank you thank you, Father Christmas."

11. Get tangled up in the lights. Like, really, really freakin' tangled up in there.

"Don't you understand? It is not merely enough to look at swat at them. I must BE the light."


12. Get dressed up for Christmas parties.

"Oh you like my scarf? It's a DIY I saw on BuzzFeed."

13. Invent new cozy sleeping places with holiday accessories.

"Behold, the circle of holiday happiness. Goodnight."

14. Invade your Christmas stockings.

"You mean this isn't a cat sleeping bag?"

15. And, like humans, cats will also get impatient about Christmas's arrival. And so they may act like small children in the days leading up to the holiday.

"Why. Is. It. Not. Christmas. Yet. WHY."