15 Children Of The 1800s Having A Way Worse Day Than You

Even people of the past are all FML.

Having a bad day? It’s probably not as horrible as you think. Consider the possibilities…

1. You could be this child, who was sent to juvenile detention.

2. You could be this child, whose dog is a selfish bitch.

3. You could be this kid, who’s all FML.

4. You could be any of these children, who are stars of Survivor circa 1887 and are participating in a who-will-cave-to-hunger-first challenge.

5. You could be this disorderly youth, who is about to get his bum whipped.

7. You could be this infant, who thinks pancakes are love.

8. Or worse, you could be this distressed child, who has no pancakes.

9. You could be this baby who is powerless in stopping her evil brother from jacking her juice.

10. You could be a victim of that notorious child gang, The Condensed Milk Bullies.

12. You could be mowing a lawn in an outfit your mother picked out.

13. You could be cornered by a ravenous dog.

14. You could be this baby. And these could be your parents.

15. You could have a run-in with some menacing farm equipment. Which will probably decapitate you.

So consider yourself lucky!

All illustrations courtesy Boston Public Library.

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