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21 Childhood Snacks You Didn't Know You Can Still Get

The treats your taste buds still crave.

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1. Rice Krispies Treats Cereal

This magical cereal of the '90s has quietly returned. Why it had no fanfare is beyond us. Finding it on your local grocery shelves might be tough but you can buy boxes on Amazon and Walmart.


8. Fruit by the Foot

The word "fruit" may have fooled your mom in the '90s. Whether it's still fooling moms today is debatable...but kids today can try because FBTF is still on the shelves.


9. Doritos 3D

The verdict is still out on these, but it appears that Doritos is bringing back the beloved 3D chips (making its comeback on the shelves of Walmart). If you're looking for the original shape of the chips then you might want to head down to Mexico, where Doritos 3D never left the market.

10. Bagel Bites

Yes, your beloved after-school Bagel Bites can still be found in the frozen foods aisle. However, there's some type of new, improved pizza sauce that people seem to seriously dislike.


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