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    24 Cherishable Best Friend Tattoos

    BFFs 4eva. No, seriously: This is permanent!

    1. If you have a group of friends, it's always sweet to get inked so you make a larger image when you link your designs.

    2. Here's an even more serious way to tell the world you're forever linked with your buds:

    3. You could commemorate your friendship with the state you grew up in ...

    4. Or, if you're long-distance friends, the states you currently reside in — geography be damned, you're still connected.

    5. And another idea for long-distance friends! Always a phone call away. Or a tattoo away.

    6. Little matching tattoos can always be symbolic of your bond.

    7. Even the more literal ones are adorable.

    8. There's this traditional BFF imagery ...

    9. But you could also use the idea to say something less conventional.

    10. Yeah! High five tattoo FTW.

    11. You can also try tiny hidden tattoos that create a whole when you link up with your pal.

    12. You'd only pinky-swear with a best friend. So this is definitely fitting.

    13. You can also opt for getting the same geometric design, but one of yours is inverted or reversed.

    14. Or if you want something really simple, take a clean shape, and one of you gets the outline, the other one gets colored in.

    15. This tattoo would make your two hearts beat as one. Not that they don't already.

    16. "I'll be there for youuuuu when you're there for me tattoo."

    17. The perfect ink for a foursome:

    18. Then again, BFF tattoos don't have to be conceptual. You can always just get the same thing, but go for a design that symbolizes love/fun/free spirits:

    19. A red string around the finger used to be an old-timey way to remember something. Now you can think about each other all the time, permanently.

    20. Or matching animal friends are ridiculously sweet!

    21. If you're in a group, you don't necessarily have to all get the same design — why not just get little tattoos in the same place?

    22. You could also pick a set of BFF characters from movies or TV you both identify with.

    23. A missing puzzle piece is always a heart-melting tribute.

    24. And here's a fun thought (even though these are actually temporary tattoos) is to get your wrists inked with permanent friendship bracelets.

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