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    Mar 7, 2013

    Cher Horowitz's 14 Most Underappreciated Outfits

    And by Cher Horowitz, I really mean Alicia Silverstone. Who had some amazing and bizarre fashion moments.

    1. Everything about this outfit is so dated...and yet I'd almost wear it.

    2. WTF, string pants?

    3. Funkessentials! (And also...where is she?)

    4. This is exactly how I plan on dressing once I reach 60: old lady chic.

    5. Sequin sparkle power!

    6. Here, Alicia daringly forgoes lower-half attire in favor of underpants, which she brilliantly pairs with a ruffle top, grunge boots, and a teddy bear accessory.

    7. Ready for the 1997 Spring Formal.

    8. Pretty in a top made of what appears to be silver confetti.

    9. Looking like a gorgeous mermaid on land.

    10. With her friend, Mr. Rabbit.

    11. Legit gorgeous even in a fuzzy crop top.

    12. Shiny overall dress with a wacky part? Adorable, but not for everyone.

    13. Of course when Alicia portrays Cher for a fashion shoot...

    14. It can only be fabulous.

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