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    14 Cats Who Really Regret Their Haircuts

    Should have brought a picture.

    1. "I look like a goddamned dinosaur! GO AWAY!"

    2. "When I asked for layers, this wasn't really what I had in mind."

    3. "I'm so ashamed. I can't even look at myself."

    4. "Great. Now I just look like I have a farmers' tan."

    5. " certainly is...structural."

    6. "Oh god. My girlfriend's going to kill me."

    7. "OK, now I'm sure that wasn't actually a hairdresser and was in fact a 5-year-old girl with scissors."

    8. "It's just a bit, um, how do I say this...louder? Than what I was looking for?"

    9. "You said this cut would look slimming."

    10. "Yeah, I'm just not sure about having my paws look like Ugg boots."

    11. ::Looks in mirror first time after haircut::

    12. "Do I look like Grumpy Cat yet?"

    13. "I just need to be alone right now. Thanks."

    14. "Well, fine, I must admit, it does make licking my crotch easier. But was it worth it....?"

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