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18 Cats Livin' The Life In Paris

Aristo-chats, if you will.

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1. "Un café, s'il vous plaît. Hello? Anyone?"

2. "But what is the sky, really?"

3. "Oh, it ees you. Le human. I see you are off to work. I pity you."

4. "I just wait here for my friend Phillipe, then we go drink ze wine."

5. "You know, the mice in Paris are the world's best."

6. "It is very hard, you know, looking out at ze Seine all day long. Zis view is terrible."

7. "Ah, oui. It looks like rain. If you need me I shall be in my chair, reading my book of Jean de La Fontaine poetry."

8. "Meow. I am here to see ze man who will pet me for several hours. Is he in?"

9. "Ah. You are awake. Good. It is time for my déjeuner."

10. "Allo! Hey! Hey! Monsieur! Are you going to the marché? Perhaps you get me some fresh fish?"

11. "Time for my daily stroll. Oh how I love the streets of gay Paree."

12. "Excusez-moi, I am just doing a bit of le sunbathing."

13. "As you see, I always travel in style. It ees ze French way."

14. "Garçon! A tuna tartare please. And a crisp chardonnay."

15. "Oh, hello. I just wait for my human to come back. Nice day, no?"

16. "Perhaps you put a little tip in ze bowl if you take such a nice photo."

17. "Monsieur, perhaps you would like to share some of your steak frites?"

18. "Ah Paree. Is beautiful, no?"

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