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16 Candy Hearts All Twentysomethings Need

I <3 U, Pizza.

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1. To let a loved one know that 10 seconds is never enough:

2. For the best friend who will be your knight in shining Chipotle for all your hangovers:

3. For the person you met on Tinder a few weeks ago:

4. To celebrate your One True Love:

5. For your friend who home brews his own craft beer and practices some "cool" sport like bicycle croquet:

6. To express your affection for Trader Joe's two buck Chuck:

7. The candy heart you want to give everyone who posts engagement announcements on Facebook:

8. For when you're drunk in looOOoooOoove:

9. For the stranger you meet in a bar:

11. To let a scrub know they aren't worthy:

12. For the person you were going to break up with over text anyhow:

13. For your Twitter crush:

14. To let someone know you trust them to be by your side:

15. For the cutie you just met but think it's too forward to exchange numbers:

16. To remind yourself that being alone isn't all that bad:
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