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The Skip-It Was Actually The Most Un-Fun Toy Ever

I have had bruises on my shins since the '90s.

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You remember the Skip-It, right? If you were a '90s girl, chances are you were OBSESSED with your Skip-It. That's right. Obsessed in CAPITAL LETTERS AND MANY EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!

As a kid, you were just like: JUMPING IS THE BEST! Yeah, nun. Get it!

But can we, for a moment, as logical adults, consider how pointless this toy was?

It would just go around, and around, and around...until you decided to stop.

And "the very best thing of all" was that "there's a counter on that ball." Oh, really? The very best thing?

At some point they made an "electronic" Skip-It, which just meant that your toy now made an incredibly irritating, high-pitched beeping noise.

You could take pity on your Skip-It-less friend by letting them jump over the ball, too. I dunno about you guys, but I'm exhausted already.

But the WORST part: The Skip-It could be downright painful if you didn't time the jump right. Shins bruised for days.

You could mess yourself up real bad without even starting to skip. Just launch that ball straight into your leg. Feels good, right?

Also, I would just like to point out that skipping generally looks more like this.

Or if you are a boss, like this:

By the way, have you seen what Skip-It looks like now? It's Skip-It Twister Rave and has crazy lights and TWENTY levels.

R.I.P. '90s Skip-It. Sorry to be weird about you.

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