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    Posted on Aug 8, 2013

    Brooke Shields Had Her Own Doll In The '80s

    AKA, "The world's most glamorous teenage doll."

    Damn, Brooke Shields. I know you've had an awesome career, but it turns out you also had your own doll in the '80s?

    This must mean that you are truly important.

    The doll was sold as "the world's most glamorous teenager," and featured movable limbs you could manipulate into model-like poses.

    Her hair was also impressive. (She came with her own brush.)

    And because Brooke was just such an awesome chick, she also came with a present for you — a ring made of rare plastic materials, molded with care into the unique shape of a star.

    Check out the Brooke Shields doll commercial...complete with its own jingle.

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