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17 Brides Rocking Short Wedding Dresses

Short cuts to the altar.

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1. This bride makes her already fancy dress even more special with a vintage-inspired headband.

2. A little Peter Pan collar on this frock makes it even cuter.

3. Tea-length is perfect for twirling.

4. Shorter hemlines also means more fun dancing.

5. Short hair, short dress, can't lose!

6. Here's proof that sometimes, simpler is better.

7. Showing some leg in some lace is a beautiful way to spend your special day.

8. Not only does this dress look super comfortable, it's a perfect twist on a classic vintage silhouette.

9. Of course, with a shorter wedding dress, you can do a more traditional vintage interpretation like this '60s-style beauty.

10. Pups and tulle! So much yes going on in this photo.

11. Polka dot details can add just a touch of sweetness.

12. Or a pop of color can really benefit from a short skirt.

13. Go short on the hem, long on the sleeves!

14. Or short on the hem, and half on the sleeves.

15. This asymmetric tiered skirt is so cool and unexpected.

16. This happy bride adds just a bit of sexy with an off-shoulder look.

17. And everything about this tea-length number is pure romance.

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