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21 Brides Too Bold For White Wedding Dresses

Colors of love.

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1. A pale gray dress works surprisingly well in warm seasons.

2. This bride's two-piece brings an unexpected pop of yellow.

3. Why not make your wedding a swank black-tie affair?

4. Ice blue is perfect on this simple, modern silhouette.

5. A medley of lavender is so lovely in ruffles.

6. Dusty rose is the picture of perfection.

7. While baby blue can be very Cinderella-y.

8. Red is strong and daring, especially when paired with high-style accessories.

9. This teal looks like it was taken from a tropical lagoon.

10. Orange: surprisingly classy!

11. Peachy pink brings even more romance to the day.

12. For just a touch of color, there's always the ombre trick.

14. Silk looks even more regal in a rich, mossy green.

15. This dusty peach is so unusual, and yet works so well with the gorgeous architecture of this dress.

16. How about just a hint of pink on a sweetly simple gown?

17. When rocking black, a black bouquet makes it even more awesome.

18. This rusty red would be perfect for a fall or winter wedding.

19. This lacy number is barely pink — for the bride who doesn't want to stray too far from white.

20. Pink can be sexy... but also very innocent!

21. It's just the touch of grayish-blue that makes this a dress everyone will remember for years to come.