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    23 Vegan Trader Joe's Products You Must Try

    Mind: blown. Why wasn't I buying these before?

    All of the items here were taken from Trader Joe's own list of vegan products. You can check out the entire list here.

    1. HOLY WHAT?! The best news ever: Trader Joe's Speculoos cookies are vegan, made with vegetable oils.

    2. Snickerdoodles, too?! Another surprising egg-free, dairy-free delectable from TJ's.

    3. A newer TJ product, these frozen zucchini fries are made with an egg-less batter.

    4. All combos of the fruit bars are pure fruit.

    5. Trader Joe's makes one vegan enchilada — it's the black bean and corn variety.

    6. Hooray! A breakfast option for vegans who are also gluten-free.

    7. The Soy Creamy Mini-Sandwiches are just like Tofutti Cuties.

    8. These frozen vegetable pakoras are a great late-night snack for vegans.

    9. Salt and pepper pistachios — yes, obviously vegan. Still, a far superior choice!

    10. Marshmallows are an indulgence often sorely missed by vegans. But Trader Joe's makes these 'mallow treats, which are magically concocted from brown rice syrup.

    11. You can make many tasty dishes with these chicken-less morsels.

    12. No dairy in these candied pecans, either! Good for snacking or to put in salads.

    13. These vegan stuffed grape leaves are good to keep on hand when you're craving a savory snack.

    14. Roasted coconut chips? Why didn't we think of this before?

    15. OK, SO WEIRD: Apparently, TJ's REDUCED FAT mayonnaise contains no eggs or dairy. HellooOOoooOO vegan spreads and sauces.

    16. The Cherry Chocolate Chip Soy Creamy dessert pretty much tastes like Cherry Garcia. A+.

    17. Trader Joe's kettle corn uses a mere four ingredients: popcorn, sunflower oil, sugar, and salt.

    18. If you've never had TJ's Goddess Dressing, you've been missing out. The tahini-based blend tastes good on EVERYTHING.

    19. A healthy vegan dessert: TJ's pineapple tidbits, which are actually really fun to eat straight out of the bag.

    20. In a blind taste test, you really wouldn't be able to tell the difference between these vegan cookies and the real deal.

    21. Sometimes, coconut popsicles will contain regular milk ingredients. Not so with Coconut Fruit Floes!

    22. Crunchy Curls: Vegan!

    23. Trader Joe's makes two coconut milk ice creams. The strawberry flavor is good. But the chocolate flavor is really good.

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