The 14 Best Parts Of Having A Weird Name

You’re literally the only person you know with your name.

1. You can actually set up a Google Alert for yourself without being bombarded with results.

Must be fun getting one million Google Alerts for “John Johnson.”

2. Similarly, your Google results are all you.

3. When people hear your name for the first time, they’re intrigued and want to know the story of your name.

Go on, I’m listening.

4. People with common names are always jealous of you.

5. When someone gets you something with your name on it, it’s EXTRA special because you know they probably had it custom-made.

6. Then again, on the rare, rare occasion you find a keychain with your name on it, it’s like OMG WHOA BEST DAY EVARRRR.

7. Starbucks is ALWAYS hilarious and entertaining.

8. People tend to remember you because when they meet you, they usually have to ask you to repeat your name.

And then it sticks. Foreverrrrr.

9. You’re constantly getting compliments on how awesome your name is.

Oh stahhhhp. Actually, j/k, go on.

10. Because of your unique name, people tend to automatically think you’re a bit exotic and mysterious.

Her name: But how?!

Hallmark / Via

11. You’ve never had the experience of having your order stolen at a fast food place because two people named Katie happened to place orders at the same time.

12. You always feel a little special.

13. But … when you meet someone else with your name, you get SO EXCITED.

Other people also get excited if they meet someone with your name.

MTV / Via

14. And you feel camaraderie with other oddly named people because you all belong to The Club of Unique.

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