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    16 Benefits Of Being A Morning Person

    I am the sunshine of my own life.

    1. You truly understand the art of coffee and you savor your morning cup, rather than use it as fuel.

    2. You get to see one of the prettiest times of day, and know that you're one of a few people witnessing it.

    3. Ten out of these 16 geniuses did work in the morning. Just sayin'.

    4. Turns out, morning people are proactive people.

    5. And no surprise here: Morning people are happier people.

    6. Early birds also perform better at school and work.

    7. If your S.O. is also a morning person, it gives you a bit of extra time together before the day begins.

    8. You're more likely to stick to a workout schedule if you're an early riser. It's too easy to have an excuse to skip working out in the evening if something's come up during the day.

    9. It's common for morning people to have a routine — one they actually enjoy.

    10. If you're a creative type of person, the morning is such a wonderful time to get writing done. Sooo quiet.

    11. Isn't it so much better to have time to read the news in the morning and go into your day totally informed on the world? Yes.

    12. There's also the matter of certain morning "activities" with your S.O.

    13. Of course, morning cuddles are also da bomb.

    14. You rarely regret your outfit choice because you're never rushing out the door.

    15. If you take a day off, you don't spend half of it sleeping; you get up and take full advantage of your free time.

    16. You are constantly amazed by the end of the day at how much you got done.

    Mornings FTW.