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Being A Writer: Expectations Vs. Reality

For everyone who has 20 pages of the next Great American Novel. Or two pages. Any pages, really.

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Reality: Let's talk again the first time you lose your ENTIRE book and NO, YOU DIDN'T BACK UP, thanks for asking.


Reality: You really can't work without Freedom, the app popular with writers that shuts off your WiFi connection for a certain amount of time.


Reality: Many weird ideas will sell before yours. Some may even be written by your friends.

Just stay cool and keep working. And buy your friend's book, because you'd want them to buy yours.


14. Expectation: You'll just start a blog, it'll become super popular, and you won't even have to find an agent! They'll call you!

Reality: You'll have to write a detailed proposal, or write your whole book first before you start querying agents. And then, you will find that it takes many, many emails and time.

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