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20 Magical Unicorn Tattoos

Wondrous beings turned into magical ink.

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1. A watercolor technique makes this unicorn feel like it walked out of a dream:

2. Two thumbs up for these matching beauties:

3. This is like a constellation/connect-the-dots mashup and it's nothing short of gorgeous:

4. Ice cream cone, unicorn horn, same delightful difference:

5. This unicorn looks like it contains the power of an entire galaxy:

6. Cartoony 'corns are good, too:

7. This could easily be an illustration from the world's prettiest children's book:

8. And this fantastical depiction will inspire daydreaming:

9. Hey, you don't have to go full-'corn; just do the horn:

10. Is this unicorn falling apart or coming together? Either way, there's strength in triangles:

11. This is so kawaii, I can't stand it!:

12. Kawaii eeeeeee!!! part two:

14. This balloon animal unicorn is completely original:

15. An origami unicorn is a great option for whimsical minimalists:

16. Or you might prefer a black and white design:

17. Go bold with a unicorn silhouette:

18. This tattoo looks as though it was inspired by enchanting stained glass:

19. A simple outline speaks magical volumes:

20. And this design just seems to combine the magnificence of so much unicorn goodness:

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